While coconuts often conjure up memories of beachside vacations, this tropical delight shouldn’t limit you to hot-weather concoctions. While typically associated with the tropics, shredded coconut and toasted coconut chips are the stars of many international dishes.

Toasted coconut chips and shreds are extremely versatile and make a fun, flavourful addition to many meals and snacks. Loaded with fibre, iron and healthy fats, not only do they have health benefits but they add a crunchy, sweet texture to your dishes.

Here are a few ways to incorporate coconut, like Bassé’s Toasted Coconut Chips, in your daily routine.



Amp up your morning oatmeal or smoothie bowl with beautifully curled coconut chips or a sprinkling of shredded coconut. They will add an Instagram-worthy touch to your breakfast and deliver a crunchy texture to your bowl. Go for a classic Caribbean combo of pineapple, banana, dragon fruit and coconut for a taste that will transport you to the islands.



Shredded coconut can take dinner dishes to a new level. Try a Thai-style coconut chicken or shrimp recipe with lime, ginger root and cilantro seasoning atop a bed of Jasmine rice. Or upgrade your traditional baked chicken tenders or breaded fish meal by mixing shredded coconut with your breadcrumbs.



Take an exotic break from your day with a homemade Indian-spiced nut mix by coating roasted pecans, peanuts and coconut chips with oil, coriander, ground cumin, garam masala and a dash of salt. For a sweet snack, try a nutritious coconut-coated energy ball. Blend dates, cashews, vanilla and orange zest, then roll in shredded coconut for an instant 3-p.m. boost.



While many of our favourite desserts feature coconut as either a garnish or star ingredient (coconut cream pie!), coconut macaroons are always a welcomed way to end a meal. This Italian specialty combines sweetened condensed milk, egg whites and shredded coconut. Hand-dip them in chocolate for a special treat.